ACEIT Fundamentals June 26 & 27 2014 in Prince William, Lake Ridge VA; Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools (ACEIT) Training

Trio Consulting at 3421 Commission Ct, Suite 100, Lake Ridge, VA (Prince William County, near Woodbridge) is offering a 4-day course in the Fundamentals of ACEIT Software, an essential skill for Federal contracting professionals, project/program managers and cost estimating professionals.

A direct link to the June 26-27 ACEIT Fundamentals class in Lake Ridge, VA is here.

The Defense Acquisition and Project Management spaces of the contracting world are constantly changing and demand that professionals keep up with the tools of the trade, like ACEIT software. Cost estimation is central to navigating these waters successfully- the government is highly concerned with the bottom line. A certification in ACEIT fundamentals will demonstrate your value in this field, and ensure that you are prepared to face the toughest part of managing a government contract- the budget.

Trio Consulting, located in Lake Ridge VA, offers essential ACEIT training to industry professionals. Trio’s ACEIT course includes two, two-day modules. Module 1 provides students with proficiency in the use of ACEIT and the ability to evaluate existing models. Module 2 provides the student with the proficiency to develop new cost models and modify existing models.

According to Trio, the training is for “All federal contracting professionals, including managers, contracting officers, acquisition analysts, and contractors will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the Cost Estimating process and the ability to not only carry it out, but to evaluate cost models and results. “

Additional professional development and certification training is available via Trio Consulting and the Northern Virginia Business Center, in Woodbridge (Lake Ridge) Northern Virginia – contact them as soon as possible to register for the ACEIT Fundamentals and other professional development classes.

Northern Virginia Business Center Speaker – Money, Law, Strategy – Wed. Apr 23 2014, 10AM-2PM

NVABC Business Speaker Series EventNVABC Logo

Getting the Basics Right – Money, Law, and Business Strategy in Northern Virginia

Wed 23 April 2014, 10am – 2pm
Northern Virginia Business Center (NVABC)
3421 Commission Ct., Suite 100, Lake Ridge, VA 22192
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The NVABC Business Speaker Series is back and this one is going to be a blockbuster.  Our line up of speakers are set to provide outstanding insights valuable for every business person.  Check out our speakers and sign up before it’s too late. Seating is limited.

There will be excellent networking opportunities throughout the day, with the speakers, other attendees, and in the Northern Virginia Business Expo inside the venue.  Everyone who registers as a sponsor will be recognized at the event throughout the day and with signage.

Our speakers for NVABC’s Business Speaker Series Event, “Getting the Basics Right – Money, Law, and Strategy” are dynamic and engaging speakers prepared to provide valuable and critical insights on how to run your business by getting the basics right.  Starting with Mr. Adams, we’ll hear about the pros and cons of the various options to finance your business from startup, to expansion and acquisition.

Next up is Mr. Swan, who will provide us with his “cut to the chase” insights on what’s going on in the federal contracting space.  Finally, you won’t want to miss our Keynote speaker, Dr. Chavez.  His practical and academic business excellence is why he is so sought after for his business strategy insights.  Let’s face it, times are tough right now in business.  Dr. Chavez will be presenting a doctoral presentation on how you and your business CAN succeed, even in challenging times.

Rob_WittmanEvent and Speaker Details

Business success in today’s environment in the Northern Virginia region depends a lot on the federal government.  Whether you are a federal contractor or not, the impacts and effect of federal government laws, regulations, budgets and other actions reverberates throughout the business community in America, but is especially felt here in the Northern Virginia region.  That’s why we are so glad to have Congressman Rob Wittman, from Virginia’s 1st Congressional District, joining us to get this event started.  Congressman Wittman will present his insights from Capitol Hill providing critical insights for NOVA businesses to not only survive today’s environment, but to thrive.

Guest Speakers

Clarence Adams, Capitol Credit Group – Financing Your BusinessCapitol Credit Group

Mr. Adams is an expert in business finance and marketing.  While shepherding two successful businesses, he has offered regional business leadership as President of Business Network International (BNI) for Northern Virginia and the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce in Prince William County.  Whether it’s bank loans/line of credit, government loan guarantees, venture capital or angel investors, Mr. Adams understands the world of business finance and will be sharing with you to help you understand your options and develop strategy.  He can explain the pros and cons of all the options and why your company should do one over the other.  No business can operate without some kind of financing support and having the right financing strategy can mean the difference between success and failure.

David Swan, Wyle – Advantages and Trends in the Federal Contracting Environment


Mr. Swan is a veteran U. S. Marine Corps helicopter pilot and government contractor with experience in small and large business development, contracting, and proposal writing. A former small business owner and consultant, he urges vigilance and fortitude as doing business with the Federal Government brings increasing anxiety, uncertainty, and higher risk to bidders in the marketplace.  Presented with the “frank and engaging” style that only Mr. Swan can, he will share with us his insight on changes in business regulations, impact upon Government contracting offices, and how you can benefit from knowing and taking advantage of trends he identifies in the business environment.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Raul Chavez, President and CEO, RAC Global Consulting Group - How to initiate a Quality Management System in your organization to succeed in challenging times

Dr. Chavez is a leader in business and business education.  He has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level as an Adjunct Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Department Chair and Statewide Program Director in South America and right here in Virginia at Eastern Mennonite University, University of Mary Washington, and the University of Virginia.  A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Chavez has succeeded in business abroad and in the US.  His command of the various aspects of business, including Human Resource Management, Leadership, Management, Marketing and Advertising, Business Policy, Organizational Theory, and Business Statistics makes him an invaluable resource for anyone seeking success in business.  Dr. Chavez is now President and CEO of RAC Global Consulting Group which provides private and public consulting on sustainable enterprise, process improvement and Total Quality Management (TQM), Project Management, Strategic Planning, Board and leadership development and organizational efficiency.

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Wednesday 23 April 2014, 10am – 2pm
Northern Virginia Business Center (NVABC)
3421 Commission Ct., Suite 100, Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Catered Lunch is Included

Expo setup and free networking coffee starts at 9:00 AM
Networking will continue after the speakers.

Virginia PMP-PMI Certification Training Boot Camp, March 31-April 3 2014 at the NVABC, via Trio Consulting

Working with the government can be difficult. There is a vast bureaucracy filled with red tape, legal caveats, and rules to navigate once you’ve entered the contract, project or program management role. To be fully prepared, it’s important that you have the training and knowledge to function effectively, for the government or your company. To be truly competitive, and deliver high value work on government programs – managers need to be qualified and even better, certified in standardized project management methodologies. A Virginia PMI PMP Certification will put you ahead of your competitors, and make you confident operating under government rules and regulations.

Check out next week’s PMP Boot Camp here at the NVABC facilities, hosted by Trio Consulting. Use code “PMPMAR” for a special discount!

NoVA Business Town Hall

Virginia State Capitol

Virginia State Capitol

Northern Virginia Business Center is proud to host the …


Post Session Town Hall for Business in Northern Virginia 


  • Date:  Thursday 13 Mar 2014
  • Time:  10:00 AM – Noon
  • Place:  No. VA Business Center – Virginia Room – 3421 Commission Ct., Suite 100, Lake Ridge, VA 22192


This event is a unique and valuable event for No. VA businesses.  A bi-cameral and bi-partisan panel of No. VA state legislators are invited to present an overview of the results of the 2014 session.  A discussion of the important issues from Richmond effecting No. VA businesses will follow.  Finally a Town Hall style Q&A session will provide an opportunity to ask our elected representatives the questions important to your business. Before and after the event, there will be ample opportunity to network and visit the sponsors area.  Doors open at 9 AM.


There will be drinks available and free coffee in Cafe Trio.

Please RSVP/register.  There is no charge to attend this event.

If you are interested in having a booth/table at this event and or sponsoring the event, please contact the NVABC Client Executive, Dov Kawamoto or call 571-267-1445 ext. 104.