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Being an NVABC sponsor is a great way to connect with the Northern Virginia business community.  NVABC offers a variety of ways to engage that fit your company’s marketing and outreach goals and objectives.

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Package or Ala’ Carte

Individual sponsorship items may be selected separately to create your own sponsorship package that best meets your advertising and engagement requirements and needs.  Or you can select from the packages below.

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The NVABC provides value to our members and guests by getting to know their business and their challenges and making connections and referrals to members of our strategic network that benefit our members.  The NVABC does not offer exclusive “referral agreements” for sponsors.  Companies, individuals, and organizations cannot pay to be included in NVABC’s strategic network.   In other words, a sponsor cannot buy NVABC recommendations.  NVABC may refer members and guests to a sponsor when NVABC assesses benefit for our members.  NVABC continuously evaluates our strategic network for integrity, service and value.


Sponsorship Opportunities Defined

Unlimited Event Tickets Sponsors are extended the courtesy of a free ticket to NVABC events.  Tickets may be transferred.
Sponsor’s Wall During NVABC events, the sponsor’s logo is displayed on the Sponsor’s Wall and recognized during the event by NVABC personnel.
Logo on Sponsor’s Page (separated by level) Sponsor’s logo is displayed in the appropriate section of the NVABC Sponsor page and throughout the web site as available.
Expo table Sponsor is authorized to display and occupy in an NVABC Expo space before, during and after events.
Lobby table Sponsors may display pamphlets, brochures or information sheets/packets on the NVABC lobby table located directly inside the front lobby door
Door Prizes Sponsors may offer an item of value and interest to event attendees intended to be given away as a door prize during NVABC events
Lunch Sponsors may provide a counter sign to be displayed on the service counter of Café Trio where lunch and food service is provided
Named Event Sponsors have “naming rights” for an event.  This authorizes a sponsor to display a “large banner” at, on, or behind the speaker’s podium.  On the event web page, advertisements, and invitations, the event will be referred to as the Sponsor’s event.
Named Member Seat Sponsor will have the right to award an NVABC membership to any company of their choosing.  Their seat may be awarded based on the sponsor’s own efforts or through the NVABC based on sponsor’s standards, specifications and requirements.
Logo/Advertisement/Link on Web Site Sponsor may provide their logo and/or an advertisement in the sidebar of the NVABC website
Logo/Advertisement/Link on NVABC E-mails Sponsor may provide their logo and/or an advertisement in NVABC online and print announcements and advertisements
Mutual Cooperation Agreement Though there is no cost to either the sponsor nor NVABC, sponsors may collaborate with NVABC to make a mutual cooperation agreement that serves to advance the NVABC and sponsor’s mission, goals and objectives, while providing value to No. VA businesses and/or the members of NVABC.


If you are considering sponsorship and want to modify or add something, just ask, NVABC will work with you to craft a sponsorship package that best fits your needs.

To arrange a sponsorship, simply call 571-267-1445 x104 or email contact@nvabusinesscenter.com 


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